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Wine Bottle Labels - Regular, Mini Wine, and Magnum Sized


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Graduation Wine Bottle Label        Graduation Wine Label        First Communion Wine Label         First Communion Wine Bottle Label        Baby Shower Wine Bottle Label


Birthday Wine Bottle Label        Birth Announcement Wine Bottle Label        Birthday Wine Bottle Label        Wedding Wine Bottle Label        Anniversary Wine Label



Water Bottle Labels



Graduation Water Bottle Label    Graduation Water bottle Label    Communion Water bottle Label


First Communion Water Bottle Label   Baby Shower Water Bottle label    Wedding Water Bottle label


Baby Shower Water Bottle label    Anniversary Water Bottle Label    Birthday Water bottle Label


Party Favor Supplies

Satin edged organza ribbon    Satin Ribbon     Satin Rat Tail Cord     Satin Favor Pouch Velveteen Favor Pouch                  Organza Fabric Rolls


Save the Date Magnets



First Communion Refrigerator Magnet   Graduation Save the Date Refrigerator Magnet    Baby Shower Save the Date Refrigator Magnet    Birthday Save the Date Magnet   


Birth Announcement Refrigerator Magnet    Birthday Save the Date Refrigerator Magnet    Birth Announcement Refrigerator Magnet    Bridal Shower Save the Date Photo Magnet


Wedding Refrigerator Magnet   Anniversary Save the Date Refrigerator Magnet


Candy Wrappers, Snack Size & Miniature Candy Wrappers


Hershey's 1.55 oz. candy bar      Hershey'sฎ Regular Size Candy Bar         Hershey's 1.55 oz Mr. Goodbar



Graduation Candy Wrapper   Graduation Candy Wrapper   First Communion Candy Wrapper   First Communion Candy Wrapper


Wedding Candy Wrapper   Birthday Candy Wrapper   Wedding Candy Bar Wrapper   Baby Shower Candy Wrapper



Snack/Fun Size Candy Bar


Baby Shower Snack Size candy wrapper        Anniversary Snack Size candy wrapper       Graduation Snack Size Candy Bar Wrappers



Hershey'sฎ Miniatures


Hershey's Miniatures


Graduation Mini Candy Wrappers     Graduation Miniature Candy Wrapper     First Communion Miniature Candy Wrapper    Anniversary Miniature Candy Wrapper    Birthday Miniature Candy Wrapper    Wedding Miniature Candy Wrapper


Lifesaverฎ and M & M Mini-Tube Wrappers

Lifesavers                 M & M Mini Tube



Graduation Lifesaver Wrapper      Graduation MiniTube Wrapper            First Communion Lifesaver Wrapper           First Communion Lifesaver Wrapper


Baby Shower Lifesaver Wrapper      Anniversary Lifesaver Wrapper      Birthday Candy Roll Wrapper      Birth Announcement Lifesaver Wrapper


Anniversary MiniTube Wrapper      Birthday Candy Roll Wrapper      Birth Announcement Lifesaver Wrapper