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How long will it take when I order?

What about foil under wraps?

How can I order something different than you have on display?

Can I have something different than the styles you have on display--a blank wrapper or one with a logo?

How can I reorder a label from a previous order?

Can I see what it looks like before I order?

Can I see what my candy bar wrappers will look like after I order--to make sure it's what I want?

What size of candy bar are they designed to fit?

Do candy bar wrappers have an adhesive back?

Can I change my order after I've seen what it will look like?

I would like my candy bar wrappers to match my wedding colors.

What size are your candy wrappers?

What if I don't like my candy wrappers when I receive them?

Can I give you my order on the telephone?

Can I get more of the candy wrappers later?

When I click the Order Button, Nothing Seems to Happen



How long does it take when I order?


That's up to you!  We never print an order until we have emailed you an image of your order and you have approved it--and that's the "catch." 


We receive notice of your order within about 15 minutes, and usually we email you an image of your order for your approval within 8 hours--often much sooner than that, especially during working hours. 


At the same time that we send the email with the image, we send an email without the image to tell you we sent it, because occasionally anti-SPAM software on your email server will either refuse to deliver an email with an image in it, or will put it in your Junk folder.  If you at least have received the follow-up email without the image, you at least know that it has been sent and can reply and let us know.  Often reply emails will get through when original emails are "bumped."


However from time to time we have been held up because the person who ordered was not watching their email account, or they gave an incorrect email address.  If a customer also didn't leave a telephone number when they ordered, we must send them a letter by snail mail to contact them, and let them know that we have an image ready that must be approved before we can print.  You can image that all this can take quite a long time, but from our end, we can actually receive an order, get it approved, and have it in the mail to you the same day!


Once we receive your approval of the image, we print and ship within 24 hours.


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What about Foil under wraps?


We do sell the foil under wrap in gold, silver, light blue and pink for 10 cents apiece; it is an option on the order form, just before you order. However, there are a couple of other ways you can avoid the cost, if you wish. Sometimes the convenience is worth it, and sometimes it isn't.


Since the Hershey Company has decided to eliminate their silver under wrap in favor of a single brown wrapper, many of our customers would like to know how to improve the looks of their custom wrapper.  There are several ways that it can be handled.  Some of our customers simply fold the ends into the bar, then put our wrapper on top. 


We did find that if we bought gold or silver wrapping paper at a dollar store, that the reverse side is still metallic but not printed, and it was a simple matter to cut it to 5.5" x 7.5", which seems to be an ideal measurements.  We actually folded and stacked the sheet together and cut all at once, which really speeded up the job.  We also found that if you buy more expensive silver or gold wrapping paper, it had a paper back that made it unusable for our purposes.


We have also had success with purchasing the wraps used to streak hair from a beauty supply store, and it comes in a variety of colors, as well as silver or gold.


In all of these cases, simply tuck in the brown ends, then wrap as you would a gift.


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How can I order something different than you offer--a blank wrapper, or one with just a logo?


After you have put the words that you want in the boxes, selected the shipping method, if you wish to include a photo, checked the box and put in the quantity, click the Buy Now button.  During the purchase process, there is a place to leave a note of up to 200 words, and that's where you can tell us anything you would like.


Suppose, though, you missed the place with the note.  That's still not a problem, because you will be receiving an image of your order by email, which you must approve before we actually print.  At that time you can simply reply to the email requesting any changes you wish.


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I want something different than the styles you have on display.


Everything we offer on our pages is produced and printed right at Wrappers and More, so we can usually alter a specific style, however, we generally cannot change the color of a graphic. 


If you have something entirely different in mind, we will try to accommodate you, and we can usually succeed.  If you wish to discuss what you have in mind before ordering, just email us at info@wrappersandmore.com


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I would like a different background color than you show for that style.


That is not a problem!  We selected the background color to compliment the graphics, but there is no reason that we can't change the background color to suit your preferences.  Do arrange that, please see "How can I order something different above."


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How can I reorder a label from a previous order?


We don't delete the master after printing for two or three years, and it's no problem to reprint.  The most important information to give us on a reorder is the fact that it IS a reorder, how many you want, and what kind of shipping you would like to have.  Just click Order button under the style you had.  The form is fixed so that you have to put something in the boxes for the personalization lines, but you can put anything you like in the boxes, including something that doesn't make sense, like "a;dsfj".  Underneath those boxes is another that says, "Would you like to leave a Note?"  That's where you tell us that it's a reorder, and once we see that, we'll ignore anything else you put in the form, except the quantity and the shipping.  You don't have to remember which font it was or the font's color; we're simply going to bring up the master and reprint it.


However, if you had a photo on the label, please DO NOT check the Add Photos box.  That was a setup charge, and you have already paid for setup--you don't have to pay again.


We print and ship reorders the same day; there's no need to re-approve something you have already approved.


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Can I see what it looks like before I order?


This is known as working "on spec," and we are unable to do that.  However, you do have the right to cancel the order before it is printed for any reason.  If we have already created the master for your order, a small setup charge will be deducted from your refund.  Once you have approved the image of your personalized candy bar wrapper and we have printed them, however, personalized labels, wrappers, personalized unity candles, personalized memorial candles, and Save the Date magnets are not refundable.


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Can I see what my candy bar wrapper look like after I order--to make sure it's what I want?


Not only can you see what your candy bar wrapper will look like, but we require it. 


Before we print, we email you an image of your order, and you must approve it before we actually print.  At that time, you are welcome to request changes you wish at no charge. That includes, the words, font, font color, often the background color (depending on the style), and the style itself.  If you do request a change of any kind, we will send you an updated image and ask for your approval.


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What if I want to change my order when I see the image you have sent?


That is not a problem; in fact, when the image is sent, we inform you that you are entitled to request, at no charge, any changes you would like.  Changes include the font, font color, words, background color and border color (if applicable) and even the style.  If a change is requested, we will send an updated image so that you can see what the changes will look like and approve them.


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I would like my candy bar wrappers to match my wedding colors.


While we cannot do an exact match, we can probably get close, and we will certainly give it a try.  Even if we had the exact color values, however, the dyes used to create colors react differently to paper than they do to cloth, often making the color very slightly different. 


In addition, colors like periwinkle, turquoise/aqua, peach vary widely in their interpretation and can be especially difficult to match.  When we send images, we suggest that you print out the email because computer monitors are not always accurate in displaying colors.


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What size are the candy bar wrappers?


The regular sized candy bar wrappers measure 5.3" wide, and are designed to cover the wrapper on a Hershey's 5.5 oz candy bar.  They fit a number of other brands as well, such as Mr. Goodbar. 


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Do candy bar wrappers have an adhesive back?


Our wrappers do not come with adhesive; they are designed so that you can use a glue stick on the ends when they are wrapped around the bar.  Originally, we did produce wrappers with adhesive backing, but we got a number of complaints from people who were unable to fit them properly on the first try, and ruined the wrappers trying to get them off to reposition them.  We found that producing them this way was far easier for the customer to manage.


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What if I don't like the candy bar wrappers after I've received them?


We make every effort to make sure there are no "nasty surprises" when you receive your order--by sending you an image of it first, requiring that you approve the image, and giving every opportunity for changes to be made.  If a change was requested, we send an updated image so that you can see what the change looks like.  We never print or ship anything until you have seen and approved the image.


Unfortunately, once we have printed and shipped your order, however, personalized candy bar wrappers are not refundable.


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Can I give you my order on the telephone?


We're very reluctant to do that, because it requires that we write down what you want on a slip of paper that can get lost--and your personalized order is just too important.  We won't say that we haven't taken a telephone order, but we would much rather talk you through the ordering process so that it goes through the regular channels we have set up for processing personalized items.


We will, however, be happy to guide you through it on the telephone.  We realize that it can be intimidating.  Please keep in mind, though, that whatever you order isn't "written in stone."  You will be getting an image of it before we print, which you must approve, so you have every opportunity to change your mind.  If you do want changes, we always email you an updated image so that you can see and approve the changes.

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Can I get more candy bar wrappers later?


Absolutely!  You have approved your wrapper, we do not delete the template and can reprint exactly what you ordered.  Simply use the same order process you used previously, then during the payment process leave a note for us that you had a previous order.  We will look it up and reprint your order.


In addition, you do not have to order the minimum amount specified, because that takes into account setup time--and the setup and approval was already done with your first order.  We can't print less than 4, though--that's the way our machines are set up.


However, if you want less than the minimum, please email us at info@wrappersandmore.com, and we can create a custom PayPal invoice for you and send you a link by email that will take you directly to it.  The order form will not accept orders of less than the minimum, and that's the way that we can get around it.


You can also just use the regular order process, order the minimum it requires, then leave a note for us that you want less that, and we will simply issue a credit for the difference--takes about 2 minutes or less.


When I Click the Order Button, Nothing Seems to Happen


You have clicked the order button more than once.  Take a look at the bar at the bottom of your screen.  You will see that two windows are open.  You opened the Order form page previously and if you didn't close it, it's still there and changes when you click the button.  Either use your button bar to switch to the order form page, or minimize the web page so that you can see the order page behind it.






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